Reputation Management

Reputation Management: Safeguarding Your Good Name

Reputation management plays a vital role in the continued success of your business. Since the Internet has become a vehicle for anyone to share information across the globe with the click of a button and remain anonymous, a person with an axe to grind against you, your employees, and your business can ruin your business’ reputation. Before you know it, what you thought was a tiny hiccup with a customer has turned into a no holds barred verbal assault on your business for potentially all the world to see. Someone anonymously slandered you and your business. You and your business have become the victim of online defamation.

So what do you do? What’s your next course of action to protect and defend your good name and that of your business from disgruntled customers who make it their mission in life to ruin your business’ reputation? Naturally, you contact a lawyer specializing in online defamation — because you want to find out who’s bent on turning your business’ reputation into a fecal mess. An experienced Internet defamation lawyer will be able to help you file a civil complaint against the individual or individuals responsible for destroying your reputation and hamstringing your business’ ability to be profitable.

Reputation Management Lawyer – An Online Defamation Lawyer With a Little Extra Boost

A good online defamation lawyer is also skilled in reputation management. Possessing experience and skill in reputation management means much more than helping you and your business litigate against someone defaming you and your business. A lawyer with a reputation management experience will also know the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO can determine the success of a business having an online presence. SEO helps your business achieve a higher rank in the search engines, thus making people looking for a business like yours more apt to do business with you.

SEO can also be used maliciously by people who want to express their dissatisfaction with their doctor, dentist, lawyer, or other professionals whose livelihood is dependent upon referrals from satisfied customers and clients. When a person posts defamatory speech against you or your business, the search engines will recognize the negative keywords associated with your name or your business’ name and begin to rank the defamatory webpages alongside the webpages you want people to see.

A lawyer skilled in reputation management can help you and your business try to push the defamatory websites down in rank and attempt to boost your online rankings in the search engines with content that helps to safeguard the reputation of you and your business. This is done by using search engine optimization techniques by associating your good reputation with keywords that describe your business in a positive light.

Your business is built on your good reputation for quality and service. When someone slanders you online either because of something that never happened or because that person blew a situation out of proportion, stand up for your reputation. Contact an experienced reputation management lawyer today who can help you fight online defamation on both the legal and technological fronts.

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