A Mixed Martial Arts Defamation Fight

MMA defamation lawsuit pits Ibarra against Rampage Jackson.
MMA defamation lawsuit pits John Ibarra against Rampage Jackson.

Looks like an Ultimate Fighting battle is raging outside the Octagon. Trainer John Ibarra filed a defamation lawsuit against Former Light Heavyweight Champion Quintan “Rampage” Jackson for calling him an “crook” in an online video. A veteran defamation accuser, this is the second defamation lawsuit Ibarra has filed against a fighter.

The Rampage Video That Launched A Slander Lawsuit

In an October 2012 video that appeared online entitled, “A Day in NYC with Rampage Jackson,” when asked about John Ibarra – Jackson’s trainer from 2004 – 2009 — Rampage chided, “This guy is a (expletive) crook and now he’s trying to sue me.”

Outraged by the accusations, Ibarra filed a slander lawsuit against his former client. In the lawsuit, Ibarra accuses Jackson of speaking false statements of fact and even alleges that Jackson blamed him (Ibarra) for an arrest and involuntary stay at a psych ward that Jackson once had to endure.  Defamation, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress are the charged being charged.

This is Not Ibarra’s First Defamation Lawsuit Against An Ex-Client

This lawsuit against Rampage is not the first defamation action brought by Ibarra. The fighting trainer is also currently embroiled in a libelous legal battle with Jacob Christopher “Tito” Ortiz. That lawsuit is still pending, but according to reports, “at least one defendant…has retracted similar defamatory statements” in relation to that case.

Coincidentally, Jackson and Ortiz are scheduled to face each other in a fight in November. Wonder if Ibarra will be watching.