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Online Defamation is a big deal. It can get ugly out there on the Wild West Web. A business can go under because of a single bad yelp review; a person could lose out on a job due to one unflattering Facebook post. So the question is: How can victims of online defamation get the hurtful information removed from the Internet and hold the author of said information responsible? While it may seem like the Internet has been a part of our lives forever, it’s still a young communication medium. As such, the laws are just now catching up with the Web. And yes, slight differences exist, in certain jurisdictions, between online and off-line defamation statutes, simply because digital communication presents different scenarios. But Options are available. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get a court order or injunction to remove material from the Internet for the interim period before your trial, and you can file a libel lawsuit.

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Not ready to hire an online defamation lawyer just yet? Are you just looking for information to decide if you want to file a claim? We understand and can point you in the right direction. Below is a list of links a defamation victim may find helpful.
Question Answer
I just need a quick FAQ about online defamation laws, got one? Sure do. You can go here to check out a short, easy-to-understand cyberlibel FAQ, and here for a Q & A on international online libel concerns.
What is the statute of limitations for slander and libel in the U.S.? Each state has their own defamation statute of limitations. Generally, it's between 1 and 3 years. » Read More
Can I sue someone for a bad review on Yelp!? Yes, you can. However, you probably won't win if you can't prove that the ad had a negative material effect on your business or reputation. » Read More
Is there such a thing as defamation by omission? Yes, you can be sued for slander or libel if you leave out pertinent information in a story or talk that leads the reader or listener to get a different impression than the actual truth. » Read More
Can I be sued for defamation for simply giving my unflattering opinion about someone or some business? In the United States, opinion is not defamation. That said, simply placing the words "in my opinion" will not save you if you follow that qualifier with a false statement of fact. » Read More
Does an ISP have to turn over the name of an anonymous poster who is being sued for defamation? Depends on the case and on the jurisdiction. You can read about a few anonymous Internet defamation cases, here and here.
Can a website operator be liable for defamation because of a comment left by a third-party? No. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provides safe harbor to website operators and ISPs. » Read More
What are some common defenses for online defamation? Generally it depends on the circumstances of the case. But, there are some common arguments. Click here to read 'em.
What type of damages can be awarded in a defamation lawsuit? Several. Click here to find out what they are.
Are those revenge porn sites legal? Unfortunately, many are. But there are ways to go after them. » Read More

International Defamation Implications In The Digital Age

In the United States, defamation lawsuits are landing on the desks of judges in nearly every state. Abroad, it’s the same story. Every month, new online defamation legal standards are being set in nations around the world; governments are watching to see how other nations are handling online libel and slander. After all, the Web is a global phenomenon and law makers must wisely weigh certain international cause and effect factors. Online defamation is more than just an issue of statecraft. Since it's now possible to reach the other hemisphere in seconds, questions arise regarding global jurisdiction and accountability. For example, can an American be sued in a Canadian Court over a website comment? Can an American file a defamation lawsuit in England to take advantage of that country's plaintiff-friendly libel laws? Our team of lawyers can walk you through it all. If you're looking for information about slander and libel laws around the world. Visit the Kelly / Warner International Defamation Law Database.